Since 1965,  we have been the Italian reference in the supply and processing of materials and components for the electromechanical industry.


We respond to the needs of our customers with competence and responsiveness, thanks to a stock management of over 13,000 references and an accurate sales service in more than 50 countries.


+10,000 square meters of plant, the vastness of our warehouse, and the over 3,000 active customers, make us one of the main European players in the storage and production of materials for the construction and repair of static and rotating electrical machines.


17,5 Mln €

Turnover '19


Active customers


Yearly shipment

+ 13.000

Items stocked in wharehouse

+ 4.500

Converting orders per year ( 550 tons and 18,5 Mln of pieces


In the coming years, FAET wants to continue the path taken, completing the investment plan and increasingly developing the skills and professionalism of those who work in the company.

FAET was born as a commercial company and its philosophy will always be “the quality of the service“; this is the product that we sell and that distinguishes us from other operators: maximum transparency and correctness towards our customers, guarantee of safety and quality of materials, minimization of errors and speed in deliveries, compliance with agreed specifications and deadlines .

To guarantee the service, FAET cannot ignore the people who are part of it and who determine its identity. The economic results must be based on long-term sustainability, where the people who make up the organization are at the center of the process.
The company has therefore adopted an organizational logic geared towards professional growth, respect for dignity and safeguarding the physical and mental integrity of those who work. For this reason, FAET constantly invests in the protection of worker safety, through a modernization and constant improvement of the workplace, training and information programs and rigorous compliance with laws and regulations.


In 1965, thanks to his personal experience in the sales department at an important technical products company,
Dante Negri senses the “market vacuum” due to the lack of a commercial operator who stands between the producer and the user.

Thus he founded the” Forniture Articoli Elettro Tecnici” (whose acronym FAET soon became the brand)
and begins to implement a modest warehouse of technical items (mostly brushes, armatures and collectors)
by printing the first “catalog” on a pre-franked post card intended for electromechanical repairers and hardware stores.


FAET expands the warehouse,
the general catalog becomes the real point of reference in the repair sector
and the products are shipped throughout Italy.


The first commercial sector network on a national scale was created, which remains the most extensive and widespread to date.
Therefore, the building of that asset consisting of the constant presence by the key customer of an indispensable relationship for the provision of an optimal service is started.


FAET changes its location again, supporting the growth in turnover (and therefore in the warehouse), but above all
opens a new division for the transformation of insulating papers / cables and sheaths for manufacturers of electric motors and transformers.
The foundations are therefore laid for the construction of an offer dedicated to OEMs which today represents a substantial part of the company’s turnover.


The desire to find a strategic project, to modernize the company by investing economic and human resources, resumes with the “third generation”.

These are years of profound changes: the social structure changes,
the management, entrusted to dr. Gabriele Guidi, moves from a strictly familiar logic to a more managerial one.

The organization changes deeply thanks also to the entry of new and motivated collaborators who support and help define the strategic vision.
Human resources are at the heart of the investment objectives:
a new model of professional and qualitative growth is promoted.

The operational activity is concentrated in the new headquarters in Rozzano (MI) which covers an area of ​​over 8.000mq.
An investment plan still in progress renews the company on an IT and technology level: the production department doubles and the warehouse is partially automated, with evident repercussions on the quality of the service.

A new course that attracts new Partners.
The company goes from a simple purchasing logic to a collaboration and partnership with its suppliers, starting to play a co-protagonist role in the development of new solutions for the sector:
the goal is to combine their experience and the needs collected daily on the market with the expertise of the research and development departments of our supplier-partners, always providing technologically advanced solutions.


The strategic project started the previous decade continues, with investments in the production department and logistics.

The first steps of the internationalization process are then taken, with the first participation in the international trade fair as a climax.
Investments that will then be intensified throughout the following decade with the aim of increasing the shares in the European market.
Thanks to the constant participation in the main European trade fair for the sector (CWIEME Berlin) and to the only Italian fair (Coiltech Pordenone, which sees us among the “founding” companies), hiring a person dedicated to the development of the foreign market and the reorganization of the sales office, to dedicate 2 resources to the assistance of foreign customers,
FAET goes from a negligible percentage of foreign sales to almost 20% of the total turnover.

A project to develop the product portfolio has started, culminating with the acquisition in 2015 of the company Dielettrica srl, a company that produces simple and structured wiring, based in the province of Reggio Emilia, which allows FAET to complete the range of processes offered to its customers.

Extension of the Milan office with the creation of new areas:
new meeting rooms, workshop area, laboratories …

FAET becomes UL Third-Party Test Data Program Participant.
A result that completes a collaboration path with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and places FAET as one of the very few non-UL companies in the world that can perform the Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing.

The first General Catalog is printed in English and the process for translation is also prepared in French, German and Spanish.

High-tech logistics solutions, new machines for the customization of insulating materials, the laboratory and the new meeting / workshop areas ...
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"98% of our customers are satisfied with the quality of manufacturing"
Repackaged recognized components TEOU2.E356173-TEOU8.E356173
We achieved the title of
CRIBIS D&B Prime Company
Cribis D&B recognizes FAET s.r.l. maximum economic-commercial reliability. Cribis D&B, a company specialized in the supply of business information on Italian and foreign companies, with this award it attributes to FAET the highest level of reliability as the counterpart of a BtoB commercial transaction. The Cribis Prime Company has a unique and exclusive value since it is assigned every year only 3% of the over 6 million Italian companies. FAET s.r.l. with this acknowledgment it reaffirms its level of solidity by giving further guarantee to all its commercial partners.