We firmly believe that art, culture and the environment are the essence of Italy, as well as the best legacy to be left to future generations. It is also thanks to this substrate that our companies are so creative, flexible and bearers of beauty in the world: a right that is also useful as a corporate creed.


25tons of recycled paper

Since 2020 we have started to completely recycle... Since 2020 we have started to completely recycle all used and received paper and cardboard as well as trying to limit consumption as much as possible.

Energy from renewable sources

Since 2021 we have only been using electricity... Since 2021 we have only been using electricity that comes from renewable sources: this type of energy does not emit pollutants or produce waste requiring disposal.

Energy sustainability

In 2019 we decided to focus on energy... In 2019 we decided to focus on energy sustainability by fully replacing our entire lighting system with LED lights, and we are committed to finding high energy efficiency solutions for the other electrical equipment we use.

Plastic free commitment

Since 2021 we have started the "plastic free"... Since 2021 we have started the "plastic free" project, reducing the amount of plastic used: 30,000 plastic cups avoided, replacing them with paper ones; 2,500 plastic bottles saved by introducing purified water fountains and distributing steel water bottles; replacement of the polystyrene packaging material with that of paper; undertaken a project to replace the packaging films with 90% recycled plastic.

Doctors Without Borders

We support Doctors Without Borders, an international organization that since 1971 has offered medical aid and humanitarian assistance to intervene in the event of epidemics, conflicts, natural disasters and in those countries where the right to treatment is not guaranteed. Their medical activity ranges from the management of health facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nutritional centres, to routine and war surgery, to the fight against hunger and psychological support.

Save The Children

Non-governmental organization engaged for over a hundred years in projects and activities aimed at children in Italy and in the rest of the world. Their goal is to guarantee the rights of minors and offer them the opportunity to grow up healthy, be protected and receive adequate education. We have decided to support their business and support the Enterprise for Children program.

Italian Environment Fund (FAI)

We support the Italian Environment Fund by joining the Corporate Golden Donor membership program. The FAI is an Italian non-profit foundation that aims to protect, safeguard and promote the landscape and cultural heritage of our country, to make it a better place to live for us and for future generations.

Cribis Prime Company

The CRIBIS Prime Company is an award assigned by the CRIBIS company, which specializes in providing business information on Italian and foreign companies. This is a certificate attributed to only 7% of the 6 million companies present in Italy and certifies the highest level of commercial reliability of a company. The confirmation of our level of economic and commercial solidity is a guarantee for all the companies that have chosen us as a commercial partner, as well as certifying our socially responsible business model.