Company FAET for Safety

Faet recently decided to include in the range of products marketed items made by Italian companies that have reconverted their production following Covid ’19 events. You will always find in stock, disposable or reusable masks, CE marked and usable as PPE until the end of the emergency. We have also included 2 sanitizing products, one … Continued

News New Flat Die cutter machine 35 Tons

In order increase the production capacity and the quality of the processes carried out, in 2019 we purchased and made operational a new 35-ton flat die cutter. This investment will allow us to be even more efficient and accurate in the production of dies, bezels, phase insulators and other details.

News New Product : ABB Smart Sensor

Thanks to a new distribution agreement with ABB, FAET presents the new sensor applicable on any electric motor, capable of detecting and collecting data on vibrations, temperatures and other parameters in real time and transmitting them to the PC or smartphone. ABB Ability ™ Smart Sensor transforms traditional motors into smart devices with wireless connectivity. … Continued