FAETAPE B2 - Yellow Polyester

FAET is the official distributor for Von Roll



Motors, transformers, windings and coils in general.

A thin insulation tape specially developed for application on thin conductors, requiring a non-corrosive tape.

Suitable for applications with high speed machines.


STORAGE TIME: 12 months




LENGTH: 66 mt.



Support: 1 mil polyester film 

Adhesive: thermosetting rubber

Colour: Yellow (on request other colours may be provided)

Total thickness: 0.051 mm

Adhesion to steel: 12.3 N/25 mm.

Tensile Strength: 110 N/25 mm.

Corrosion factor: 1.0/A1

Elongation: 100%

Dielectric strength: 5 Kv

Specifications: UL E20780


CLASS B operating temperature: 130° in continuous use


N.B.: thanks to the internal cutting department, we are able to supply any width requested. Ask for our minimum lot and price at our sales department

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