FAETAPE F3 - Acrylic glass

Very effective in applications where resistance to solvents is essential, before or after thermosetting. This product also provides vacuum degassing combined with high resistance to Freon for hermetic application on motors.


STORAGE TIME: 12 months




LENGTH: 55 mt



Adhesive support: thermosetting acrylic

Total thickness of the tape: 0.180 mm

Tensile strength: 8.5 N/25 mm.

Tensile Strength: 600 N/25 mm

Adhesion to steel: 8.5 N/25 mm.

Elongation: 60%

Unwinding: 45 gr./cm

Dielectric strength: 2.5 Kv.

Corrosion factor: 1

Specifications: UL 315249 compatible with Rohs standards


The only fabric-non-fabric tape on the market with UL certification in class F 155°, compatible with RoHS standards


CLASS F operating temperature: 155° in continuous service


N.B.: thanks to the internal cutting department, we are able to supply any height requested. Ask for our minimum lot and price at our Sales Department.

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