FAETAPE H2 - Polimmide

FAET is the official distributor for Von Roll


High strength at elevated temperatures, very conformable and resistant to abrasion.
Provides excellent protection in electronic circuits in thermal insulation thanks also to the excellent resistance to breakdown. Usable also for wave soldering.


Support: thermosetting polyimide

Adhesive: thermosetting silicone

Total thickness: 0.064 mm

Adhesive strength: 5.7 N/25 mm.

Tensile strength: 122 N/25 mm.

Electric strength: 6.5 Kv.

Elongation: 70%

Dielectric strength: 7 Kv

Insulation class: 180 C°

CLASS H operating temperature: 200° in continuous service


N.B.: thanks to the internal cutting department, we are able to supply any height requested. Ask for our minimum lot and price at our Sales Department.

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