INTERTAPE® 4118 VonRoll® Kapton® (En)

FAET is the official distributor for Von Roll


Kapton support with thermosetting silicone adhesive.
Offers a high degree of protection at high temperatures and good electrical properties, used especially where the product must withstand constant high temperatures, used to protect the contacts in PCB boards, in transformer coils and electrical uses.


  • Kapton support
  • Adhesive: thermosetting silicone
  • Total thickness: 0.063 mm
  • Adhesive resistance: 7 N/25 mm
  • Traction resistance: 130 N/25 mm
  • Elongation: 60%
  • Dielectric strength: 7 Kv
  • Insulation class: 180°C

NB: Thanks to the internal cutting department, we are able to provide any width requested. Ask for the minimum lot and price at our sales department: tel. 02 89231200 – – fax 02 89231230.

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