Self-amalgamating tape

A self-amalgamating tape based on butyl rubber, suitable in electrical insulation for protection, waterproofing, lead seals and cable terminals.

It has excellent volumetric resistance to the high breakdown voltage and low dissipation factor.

It is completely resistant to moisture, water and chemical agents, it is an excellent electrical insulator, very easy to work and offers good protection from atmospheric agents.



Used for terminals, lead seals and as protection against corrosion of the cables, it also insulates and protects wires in the screening. It is used for its impermeability to water and protection against corrosion of marine cables and applications underwater.



Application temperature: -10° + 40°

Max operating temperature: 65° continuous – 100° peak

Thickness: 0.75 mm

Tensile Strength: at 23° C 3.2 N/mm²

Elongation: at 23° C 550%

Breakdown voltage :44 Kv/mm

Dielectric constant: 2.6

Resistance to ozone: good

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