Termorestringente Minibox 3:1 (En)

Flexible heat shrinking sleeve with internal adhesive. The internal surface of the sleeve is spread with a thermofusible adhesive which melts around the object during shrinkage in order to protect it from any infiltration of water or moisture. The high shrinkage ratio makes this sleeve suitable for protecting particularly irregular objects due to high dimensional differences. Ideal for all those applications in which a high protection grade is required.


Shrinking ratio: 3:1


Operating temperature: -55°C  +125°C


Self-extinguishing (only the external wall) in accordance with standard ASTM D 2671 B


Minimum shrinking temperature: > +110°C


Dielectric strength: > 15 KV/mm


Tensile strength: 11 N/mm2  in accordance with standard ASTM D 638


Elongation at break: 300% in accordance with standard ASTM D 638


Water absorption: 0.5% in accordance with standard ASTM D 570


Resistance to fluids: in accordance with standard MIL-DTL-23053/4


Longitudinal variation: ± 5%

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