FAETISO B1 - Polyester

The polyester film is transparent or milky, flexible, has high tensile strength and is resistant to tearing and collisions. It is inert and impermeable to oils, greases and volatile aromatic compounds; it does not contain halogens or plasticisers and under normal conditions does not degrade over time. It has a high level of electric insulation. It retains all its excellent properties remaining tough, flexible and having high electrical insulation at temperatures from -70° to + 150°C, and is currently used for a vast field of industrial applications such as: 

-electric insulation for motors, generators, transformers, coils, cables and conductors;

-thermal and physical barrier;

-release agent;

-membrane switches;

-support material for lamination and coupling with others to obtain compounds with differing performance.

In the thicknesses from 50 to 350 micron it can be shaped, thermoformed, moulded. At lower thicknesses it is wound spirally for small tubes, laminates, etc.

The use of polyester film makes it possible to:

-reduce the volume and weight of equipment;

-increase the level of electrical insulation;

-increase the working temperature;

-improve design and automate production processes;

-substitute insulation materials of greater thickness.

The polyester film of certified origin is approved by American UL and international IEC/CEI standards.



Working temperature: from -70°Cto165°C

Melting point: 165250 °C

Shrinkage at 150° C: from 2%to3%

Dielectric strength at 25 °C: 280 Kv/mm.

Dielectric strength at 150 °C: 200 Kv/mm.


Class B operating temperature: 130° in continuous use


N.B.: The weights of the packs are approximate with a tolerance of +/- 10 %

The heights may be subject to maximum variations of +/- 7,5 %

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