FAETISO F4 - DMD Saturated

Flexible insulating paper obtained by hot bonding a film of polyester with two layers of fabric-non fabric 50 µ thick firmly bonded to the two faces of the film using special resins. the fabric-non fabric is then impregnated with synthetic resins to increase the resistance of the polyester film to thermal ageing.

The saturation resin in class H confers the compound with the insulation characteristics of class F (155°) according to A.S.T.M. D-1830.

Melting point: 260°C

Shrinkage at 150 °C:


Laminate suitable for insulation of electric motors and transformers in Class F.


Class F Operating temperature: 155° in continuous service

N.B.: The weights of the packs are approximate with a tolerance of +/- 10 %. The heights may be subject to maximum variations of +/- 7.5 %. For different sizes contact our Sales Department.

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