PressBoard - Presspan in Sheets

High density Presspan, constructed starting with sulphate of pure cellulose completely free of impurities. 
New calendering system that provides an excellent surface finish and high resistance to compression.


Dimensionally very stable, with low surface deposit and extraordinary mechanical properties and values above standard: DIN7733: Type 3052 – BS231, 1967: Type D



Generally used as insulation material in large transformers:

  • Separators, Cylinders for the largest known diameters and as a substitute for bakelized paper.
  • Phase separators and cores and enclosures.
  • Discs, rings and similar.
  • Square sections, bars, blocks, etc.

This product, like all those manufactured starting with pure cellulose is sensitive to moisture, consequently, once extracted from its original wrapping it must be kept in a dry place away from sources of heat including direct exposure to sunlight. Do not stack directly on the ground without using Pallets. For long storage periods, PSP 3052 must be protected with plastic to prevent absorption of moisture and deformation of the material.


Class A Working temperature 105° in continuous service


N.B. Available from stock in format 1000×2000 mm up to a thickness of 3 mm. For terms and conditions of sale contact our Sales Department.


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