PTC Thermistors


Cold conductors are indicated as heat detectors to control the temperature of the motors. The particularly small dimensions ensure a rapid reaction and also make it possible to protect high power machines subject to high thermal stress.


The cold conductors are insulated with heat shrink tubing.

the structure of the probe as regards stability and insulation is compliant with standards on the assembly of copper windings in electric motors.

The conductors are not subjected to mechanical stress. The teflon AWG 26.7 connection wires indicate the rated reaction temperature by means of different colours.


The PTC thermistors must be embedded in the windings so that the connection wires run for 40 mm parallel to the copper wires of the windings.

Avoid any unnecessary mechanical loads.

To check the high voltage, short circuit both the connection wires.

For the test run measure the resistance in series: the typical resistance value must lie between 20 and 100 Ω per sensor, i.e. in a three-pole situation it must be between 60 and 300 Ω.



Trip temperature: from 60 °C to 190 °C with intervals of 10 °C

Maximum operating voltage: 30V. DC

Maximum insulation voltage: 2.5Kv.

Response time: in accordance with standards DIN 44081 or 44082


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