FAETCAB F2 levaprene cable


Flexible conductor cord made of annealed tin-coated copper. M3 high-quality rubber insulation.

Conditions of use

wire produced with low halogen content mixture, with high oxygen index and therefore does not propagate flames. with excellent mechanical resistance to oil, it is used in electric motors, transformers, capacitors, domestic appliances, lamps, electrical resistances and auto parts. Perfectly functional in a class F electrical system.

Operating temperature

Suitable for Class F applications 155° in continuous operation

Electrical details

  • Rated voltage (see table)
  • Test voltage 2 Kv.

Physical details:

  • Low fumes and toxic and corrosive gas emission mixture.
  • Excellent mechanical and oil resistance.


Electric motors. Small, medium and large transformers.


White, blue, black, red, green, yellow, brown


N.B.: specify the colour when ordering, otherwise whatever is available will be sent


N.B: The price of cables may vary according to the price trends for the raw materials

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