ROTEN® 3 built-in WIDIA-WIDIA rings


ROTATION: unidirectional right; available on request with left spring (to place an order for a seal with left-handed rotation, add SX after the code: e.g. 0101028SX; 5% increase on the list price) COUNTERFACE: with O-Ring MAX PRESSURE: 16 bar TEMPERATURE: -25°C +90°C USES: dirty liquids not acidic This type of mechanical seal is a valid alternative to the Roten type 2 Widia/Widia with the following advantages:

  • containment of costs
  • total interchangeability between the two types of seals
  • use of solid tungsten carbide rings instead of welded rings
  • resistance to abrasion as for Roten 2; resistance to corrosion as for Roten 3, inexistent in the Roten 2
  • with addition of Viton gaskets, they can be used for fluids derived from petroleum or chemical products in general

O-ring in EPDM and VITON FPM for liquids that require it.

The distance *L is taken as with the seal in the working position (spring compressed).

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