Roten 5 Alumina/Graphite Z/EPDM

CODE X7X72Z7: seal in ALUMINA/GRAPHITE Z/EPDM; suitable for water 140°C, acetates, alcohols, clean ketones, excluding oils and hydrocarbons

ROTATION: unidirectional right; available on request with left spring (to place an order for a seal with left-handed rotation, add SX after the code: e.g. 0101028SX; 5% increase on the list price)

COUNTERFACE: with O-ring


USES: particularly elastic mechanical seal, with better absorption than other models of vibrations and any misalignments of the shaft. The particular construction concept allows the slip rings to be interchanged and replaced if worn which leads to considerable economic savings on maintenance. The possibility of being equipped with any type of gasket and rings (rotating and fixed) in alumina, carbon, resins with fillers, solid hard metal and solid silicon carbide, results in a universal application seal for heavier duty applications.

On request, ROTEN 5 seals are also available with coupling: SILICON/SILICON, SILICON/WIDIA, SILICON/GRAPHITE, WIDIA/GRAPHITE

The ROTEN 5 are available up to Ø 150

Packs: single pieces

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