Axial Rectangular ROSENBERG® duct


These are found in air conditioning and/or extraction systems directly coupled to the rectangular ducts.


Easy mounting on a standard 20mm flange
Mounting possible in all positions
100% continuous regulation with an autotransformer or electronics
Standard feature Incorporated protection with thermal contacts
Compact and ergonomic construction
Extremely low inrush current



the duct fans combine the advantages of axial fans – where the air passes directly and simple installation – with those of centrifugal fans – high pressure stability, low sound level and excellent efficiency. Galvanised steel plate casing with rectangular sections prepared for direct installation ventilation ducts in any position, intake and delivery with standard 20 mm flange. Range EKA 200-4 EKA 450 with sheet steel forward blades, EKAE 200-2 with plastic backward blades. External rotor motor with adjustable voltage. Unit balanced on two levels to grade G 2.5 in accordance with DIN/ISO 1940.


The casings are made of galvanised sheet steel in the form of rectangular duct so that they can be incorporated in any position in ducted systems. The fans are to be installed with flanges 20 mm wide for both the intake and outlet. The EKA 200-450 range is fitted with forward blades made of galvanised steel sheet. The KHA 200-450 range instead has high efficiency backward blades made of aluminium resistant to seawater (on request). The KHAEK and KHADK models are for the transport of dirty air because they have an inspection hatch which gives easy access to the fan motor unit.


The fans are mounted directly on the rotors of the external rotor motors. The fan motor unit is balanced at 2 levels with a balancing grade of G 2.5 in accordance with DIN/ISO 1940.


The motors have a lateral cable. The electrical connection is made through an IP44 terminal box which is supplied together with the motor. Closed type IP44 external rotor motor with

damp-proof impregnation and thermal contacts housed in the windings. Hermetic ball bearing with long life lubrication not requiring maintenance. Junction box IP44/54.


Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity and instruction manual in accordance with the machinery directive 89/392/EWG, CE marking in accordance with the EMV directive 89/336/EWG and low voltage directive 73/23/EWG.



Duct silencer
Ductable filter holder box
Speed regulator
Flexible joint
Shutters (also motorised with servo drive provided)

Note: Also available in an Atex version

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