SINGLE-PHASE speed regulator


Voltage variators, manual, with continuous variation by means of a potentiometer. Electronic variation with closed ring triac phase control. Suitable for adjustable single-phase asynchronous motors. 

N.B. All the triac regulators may cause hum in the motor at low speeds. it is not recommended to reduce the rated speed of the electric motor by more than 50%.


  • Power supply 230V-1Ph-50/60Hz.
  • Rated current: SREM-1.5 A max 1.5; SREM-4A max 4A (min 1A); SREM-7A max 7A (min 4A).
  • Time-delay protection fuse.
  • Minimum speed calibration trimmer.
  • EMC filter.
  • ON light.
  • Aluminium cooling fin.
  • Engineering V1 engineering plastic container.
  • IP 42 protection.
  • Operating temperature -15 °C +50°C.

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