Torrino centrifugo per caminetti Kamin (En)

The KAMIN centrifugal roof extraction unit is ideal for drawing air in domestic chimneys
with natural draught thanks to the special construction
suitable for operation up to 200°C. With the fireplace unused it can be
used for ventilation for changing the air in the room.
High performance, backward blade impeller in galvanised plating.
Balanced in accordance with UNI – ISO 1940.
– Anchoring base with intake and protection mesh in
sheet steel protected from atmospheric agents with
epoxy polymer.
– Cap in painted aluminium.
– Asynchronous three- or single-phase A.C. electric motor,-
separated from the ducted air flow, protection IP 55, insulation
class H, service S1, construction conforming to IEC / EEC /
UNEL MEC specifications.
– Version 5; directly coupled to the projecting impeller.
– Air conveyed: max 200°C.
– Power supply voltage and frequency single-phase (M) 230V-50 Hz
– Speed regulators: SRE-M 1.5 A
Please Note: while the fireplace is in use, the fan must be on at all times

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