Electronic Pentavalent ECM

The new generation of motors with high efficiency electronic commutation, conceived for the purpose of satisfying the growing market demand for “energy saving”, guaranteeing results at the highest level in terms of efficiency and life expectancy. The motor enclosed in thermoplastic material contributes to limiting the external emission of heat, making it possible to have a particularly cool motor body during operation and consequently produce further energy saving. On the basis of laboratory tests, a particular permanent lubrication system makes it possible to have a working lifespan of about 30,000 hours in the standard version and 60,000 hours in the Long Life version.

The ECM series currently includes two single-speed versions, the choice of which depends on the required power.

Working temperature -40°C to +55°C

Insulation class            B

Protection grade IP 65

Voltage                             100V / 50-60HZ  –   115-127V / 50-60HZ   –   230-240V / 50-60HZ

Rpm at 115-127V                  1450 – 1550 – 1850

Rpm at 230-240V                  1400 – 1600 – 1850

Power IN                           9-14W  – 20-25W

Standard                            CENELEC EN 60335-1    –   EN 61000-3-2 + A1/A2    –    EN 55014-1

Supports                              Bearings

Lifespan                 60,000 hours

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