ELCO® 3BTM/3BTB fan units

Elco BT-CO Series ventilation units can be fitted on fan coil units, and include the motor, fan, scroll housing, adaptation plate and condensation tray.

The new models of ventilation units handled by FAET are suitable for small size fan-coil units (model 3BTM-CO 12/20 ) and medium sized fan coil units (model 3BTB -CO 45/40). They can be adapted to any model of fan coil units on the market, possibly requiring minor modifications to the support plate.

The motors fitted in the new CO ventilation units are from the square shaped Elco BT Series, although they can be combined with any type of motor up to a maximum power rating of 300 Watts.


The scroll housings can be made of plastic or galvanised plating. 

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