Ducati® 220 V electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors are normally used in single-phase induction motors to increase the value of the starting torque. The starting is required to last a fraction of a second and with the contribution of a high reactive power. Due to its small dimensions and high capacitance values, the electrolytic capacitor is the most suitable type for this kind of service. Of course once the start phases has ended the capacitor must be disconnected from the circuit. The capacitive element is made of aluminium foil sheets separated by a layer of paper impregnated with electrolyte; the cases are made of pressed thermoplastic, the terminals are weld and insert types.


Technical Details:

Capacity tolerance: ± 10%

Coating: Case: moulded self-extinguishing thermoplastic case

Terminals: Double 6.3 mm Faston

Dielectric between conductor plates: Engraved aluminium sheet

Applications: Single-phase motor starters

Operating temperature: -20°C + 55°C

VDE: -20°C + 60°C

Dissipation factor::

  • Typically 6%
  • Maximum 10%

Conforms to the RoHS directive

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