BFK 458 Spring Brakes CC 24V.

Series BFK 458

What distinguishes this new range is the total modularity. It replaces the spring brakes types 448, 449 and 450.

The heart of the system is its modules:

  • E (adjustable braking torque)
  • E (non-adjustable braking torque)

The combinations of modules and other elements of the system offer great versatility and represent the ideal solution for a vast range of applications.


  • Modular versions for the most widely varying applications.
  • Standard voltages: 24, 96, 103, 170, 180, 190, 205 V.
  • Torque adjustable from 2 – 600 Nm.
  • Standard versions in accordance with UL norms.
  • A vast number of accessories are available.
  • The F insulation class (155°C) ensures a long lifespan for the winding.
  • The brakes are designed for continuous operation (coil always live).
Release lever on request.


N.B. The models normally available from stock are presented. The complete range of Lenze brakes and spares can be supplied on request


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