Electric brakes -

The “V” series of spring-loaded electromagnetic brakes work on direct current. Its main features are:

  • Very strong structure, maximum silence when activated and working,
  • low cost due to the simplicity of the braking unit assembly, with the advantage that the electro-magnet aces as a motor cover,
  • high braking torque,
  • excellent heat dissipation, the fan also acts as a brake disc, with the advantage of dissipating the heat produced during braking, while limiting wear of the friction gasket to a minimum,
  • vast range of possible uses. In fact, this brake can be applied to any type of standardised motor. Insulation class F,
  • This brake comes complete with a fan cover.


The brake is designed to ensure intrinsic safety when at rest and by means of the spring. When the electromagnet is activated the anchor is attracted to it, applying pressure to the torque springs. This allows the fan, coupled to the mechanical shaft by means of a key, to rotate freely. If the power should fail, since the magnetic field is not longer available, the torque springs push the anchor against the fan, consequently braking the shaft.

Power supply: via a specific feeder

It is recommended to use S4 feeders if the supply is 380-400V. N2 if the supply is 220-240V

*B.T. = Static braking torque (N.m)

Packs: single pieces

N.B.: the series “V” brake complies with the following directives: 89/336 CEE, 92/31 CEE 93/69 CEE. Available with 100V voltage on request.

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