MEC Series 6-pin bases

All the terminal boards are manufactured to meet precise functional and safety requisites: the pins, produced by pressing or turning, have a truncated cone base with cross head to prevent rotation and axial displacement and consequent extraction from the seat of the terminal block.

The shape of the seat of the pin has been studied for the use of automatic screwdrivers for tightening nuts.

The terminal boards have been studied to prevent rotation of the terminal lugs in their housings, (consequence of tightening nuts becoming loose caused by motor vibration), which come into contact with each other or with the walls of the terminal box, they can cause a short circuit.

The terminal boards can be used with normal or pre-insulated terminal lugs.

Normal terminal lugs, even if completely free to rotate, will never drop below a minimum distance of 9.5 mm (as required by standard UL 1004 “Electric Motors” for voltages


Materials used and reference norms:the terminal boards are produced using self-extinguishing insulation materials having excellent mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties.


Moulded material: BMC RF resin with UL certification (file QMFZ2.E111031) having excellent resistance to arcs and creeping currents and level of self-extinguishing V0 (UL94) for applications in class F motors approved by the standards of Underwriters Laboratories Inc OT63 CW508L CuZn37.


The items with code nos. 3309001 to 3309011 have UL CERTIFICATION 


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