NEW/MATIC Level switch


  • Checking the level in pipes.
  • Level control to prevent operation without water in the intake pipe on surface centrifugal pumps.
  • Level control in pressurised containers (autoclaves).
  • Level control in tanks containing diesel and acid liquids that are compatible with polyethylene.

the operation o the regulator is very simple: a float in the body of the regulator follows the liquid level with which it is directly connected, or by means of small diameter tubes (diameter 3 – 4 mm). A permanent magnet is embedded in a polyurethane resin in the head of the float. The increase in the liquid level in the chamber through which the float moves, causes the float to rise and the magnetic fields of the magnets on the float to move nearer. This proximity of the magnetic fields causes the microswitch to activate. The microswitch (20 A 250V) has NO + NC contacts.

The NEW / MATIC regulator can be supplied in two different versions:

  • AS cylinder, fitted with an automatic air discharge on the head of the cylinder.
  • RP cylinder, with a fitting for operation of the level switch for pressure vessels, or suction control of electric centrifugal pumps.

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