SUB-MATIC® electronic level sensors

The SUB / MATIC level control differs from similar closed circuit control apparatus by its new functions and innovative operating principle.

The Sub/Matic/S is equipped with::

  • multivoltage A.C. power supply 24 V – 240 V – 380V
  • low voltage output for connection to the pressure switch controlling the filling/emptying electric pump or float
  • relay output 20(8) A 250 V a.c. for controlling motors up to 2 HP
  • indicator LEDS
  • power on
  • pump running
  • lack of water
  • switch: automatic/manual
  • repeating lack of water signal with relay 10(4) A 250 V a.c.

Optional features on request::

  • buzzer to signal a lack of water

In this equipment the coil activating the relay is not interconnected with the electrodes but controlled by an electronic circuit that evaluates the difference in resistance between the electrodes in air preset to 85 ohm and the resistance in water or conductive liquids (resistance variable from 0 to 40 ohm). This working principle makes it possible to use alternating current on the electrodes and direct current on the relay. These features make it possible to use the SUB/MATIC in all liquids or electrically conductive mixtures since the probes are not affected by oxidation or dirt.

N.B. If a pressure switch or level switch is not used for controlling the electric pump the terminals 19-20 must be bridged and if connections are made on the cable of the probes it is necessary to make them perfectly watertight.


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