Single-block / By-pass


  • BMF series pumps are single cast geared volumetric pumps suitable for transferring viscous liquids, free of suspended solid substances.
  • They are self-priming pumps and are provided with 4-pole motors for liquids with viscosity up to 10° E and with 6-pole motors for liquids with greater viscosity.
  • They are used for transferring fuel oil, petroleum products, cosmetic products, food products, paints, lubricant oils, etc.


  • The standard version of BMF series pumps is in cast iron with steel gears and shafts, mechanical seal in Viton.
  • The suction and delivery openings are of the same diameter and are on the same axis.
  • In the standard version, they can operate with liquid up to a max temperature of 140 °C.
  • For higher temperatures or for special applications, they can be provided flanged for application to B3/B14 or B3/B5 motor shapes.
  • On the pump delivery outlet, it is possible to install a safety bypass valve to protect the pump against dangerous overpressures.
  • The bypass valve is of the internal recirculation type, and can be set using the adjustment screw
  • Rotation is clockwise looking from the pump side, the intake delivery is on the left (near the bypass valve), the intake is on the right.
  • BMF pumps with the appropriate seal can be reversible.


BF – BFZ – BFX = pumps derived from the BMF series, without motor

BFC – BFCZ – BFCX = pumps with bell for coupling with the B5 motor shape.

BMFZ = bronze version for food-grade liquids

BMFX = AISI 316 stainless steel version for special liquids.

BCF – BCFZ – BCFX = single cast pumps in the various metals with single-phase motor.

…/6 indicates a 6-pole motor.

V1 – V2 indicates by-pass valve version

For special liquids, we suggest consulting our technical department.


Motors are of the induction type.

Class F insulation.

Protection IP 54.

Special extended shaft.

Motor at 1400 revs/min – RPM 1400 – Head 10 Ate


  • Special voltages, tropicalization.
  • Protection IP 55.
  • ATEX motors.

Theoretical performance levels with 6° oils and +2% -5% tolerance

For viscosity up to 10° and pump with motor at 1400 RPM.

For viscosity from 10° to 50° and pump with motor at 900 RPM.

For higher viscosity, please contact our technical office.

Double bypass

  • The BMF series pumps can be supplied with the new cover complete with double bypass.
  • Loading and unloading operations can now be done with a single pump. In fact the new double bypass works with the pump running in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
  • A simple switch can be fitted to the pump motor and that is all there is to it: the direction of the delivery is changed with that of the intake and the bypass valve works in both directions.
  • The pump is supplied complete with a reversible mechanical seal, cover and double bypass valve. The switch is optional.

Models of the BMF series indicated can also be provided with single-phase motor, three-phase 6-pole motor, and single-phase 6-pole motor, in cast iron, stainless steel, or bronze versions.

For flow rates different from those indicated in the table, please contact our technical department (range from 2 to 60 l/min)

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