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  • “B” series pumps are geared volumetric pumps suitable for transferring viscous liquids, free of suspended solid substances.
  • These are self-priming pumps and are used for a wide range of liquids that range from 1 to 700 °E viscosity.
  • Pump rotation speed is chosen in relation to the viscosity of the liquid to be pumped. Regarding this, it would be useful to contact our technical department.
  • They are used for transferring fuel oil, petroleum products, cosmetic products, food products, paints, lubricant oils, grease, bitumen, molasses, etc.


Standard manufacture of “B” series pumps is in cast iron with steel shafts and gears. The suction and delivery openings are of the same diameter and are on the same axis. In the standard version, they can operate with liquid up to a max temperature of 160 °C:


B = naked shaft pump, in cast iron

BE = naked shaft pump, in bronze

BI = naked shaft pump, in stainless steel

BC = naked shaft pump with heating chamber

…/B = with gland packing seal

…/C = with mechanical seal

…/A = with ring seal

MBM – MBMX – MBMZ = pumps of the B – BX –

BZ – series located on a single base plate and combined with a B3 form electric motor.

To chose the correct pumps it is essential to know:

  • the type of liquid to be handled
  • temperature
  • viscosity
  • flow rate
  • head
  • specific weight
  • suction shutter

B series models can be supplied in three constructions, by request: cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel, also these pumps can be supplied mounted on a base and accompanied by any type of motor, reduction unit, or variator, provided they are in form B3.

For flow rates different from those indicated in the table, please contact our technical department (range from 2 to 1000 l/min)

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