MC 45 series - submersible

Pumped liquid: sewage water drainage
Uses: domestic, industrial
Type: submersible
Technique:douible channel

The pumps of the MC series which are made of considerably thick cast iron, exceptionally strong, resistant to abrasion and having a long lifespan are fitted with a TWO CHANNEL impeller which allows the drainage of liquids holding suspended solids of dimensions up to Ø 50 mm with short fibre. They are recommended for transferring waste water and sewage, water mixed with mud, groundwater and surface runoff water for use in condominiums, industries, multi-storey car parks, underground car parks, washing areas, etc.


  • Flow rate up to 800 l/min (48 m)3/h)
  • Head up to15 m


  • Depth of use below the water level up to10 m
  • Temperature of the liquid up to +40 °C
  • Passage of suspended solid objects: up to diam. 50 mm
  • For continuous service, minimum immersion up to 320 mm

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