RX 2-3-4-5 series - submersible

Pumped liquid: sewage water drainage
Use: civil, industrial
Type: submersible
Technique: vortex

RX-VORTEX pumps are suitable for draining dirty water. The construction solutions ensure operating safety,also in continuous service, thanks to the complete cooling of the motor. They are recommended for domestic use, for removing dirty water with solid bodies in suspension.


  • Depth of use below the water level up to10 m
  • Temperature of the liquid up to +50 °C (Temperature of the liquid up to +90 °C for intermittent operation of a maximum of 3 minutes)
  • Passage of suspended solid objects: up to diam. 20 mm for RX 2/20, RX 3/20 – up to diam. 40 for RX 4/40, RX 5/40
  • Level of emptying: up to 25 mm from the bottom for RX 2/20, RX 3/20 – up to 50 mm for RX 4/40, RX 5/40
  • Continuous operation S1


  • Flow rate up to 380 l/min (22.8 m)3/h)
  • Head up to13 m

NB: All models are also available with 10 m cable.

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