ES series

These electric pumps were designed to be completely submerged in the liquid to be moved. They are used for metal shears, building shears, garden fountains, or large size aquariums. They are also used for circulating water that contains abrasive powder and non-inflammable refrigerant liquids.


Electric pump operating entirely submerged in the liquid, electric motor of the shaded-pole kind, thermoplastic spray-coated.

Class B insulation windings with built-in thermal protection switch.

AISI 420 stainless steel shaft, NSK or SKF self-lubricating bearings.

Single lip seal ring treated with particular anti-friction lubricant.

360° swivelling outlet pipe joint, anti-clogging filters at intake.

Connecting cable length 2 m.


The pump must not be operated dry, but entirely submerged in the liquid. It has been designed to pump water or emulsified water up to max 10%.

Using the pump in flammable liquids is absolutely forbidden.

Before connecting to the power supply, check the voltage and frequency indicated on the label.

Connection to the power network must be made only after having connected the grounding cable to electrical protection systems.

The pump is not damaged by partially or entirely closing the delivery pipe.

For the pump to work correctly, the shaft must be set on the horizontal plane.


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