Pompa a pistone SI-10L (En)

The particular arrangement of the new Si-10 UNIVERS’L permits
its adaptation to a number of configurations for replacement jobs
and new installation. The main advantages are a
very low noise level and innovative design that facilitates
cleaning and reduces the time necessary for maintenance jobs
For all conditioners up to 20 kW: Wall-mounted air conditioners, ceiling
mounted and ducted units, Fan coils
Universal installation, a single pump with multiple applications:
– Suitable for units up to 20 kW.
– The same pump is also included in our Delta Pack kits (in the two versions
with 80×50 and 80×60 conduit).
– Can replace most pumps that can be housed in conduit
sold on the market in the last 10 years.
– Special “Drain Safe Device” accessory to facilitate
connection to the drain pipe.
– Silent operation: 22 dBA at maximum flow rate with tests
done in an independent laboratory.
– Fastening bracket designed specifically to reduce
vibration transmission as much as possible.
– Transparent and extractable tank.
– Well-fastened float.
– Electrical socket with locking device to prevent accidental disconnection.
– Sauermann Inside: exclusive technology.
– Absence of filters. Pump designed to alow the passage of particles up to
– High capacity: 20 l/h, lower operating times.
– Long working life of the pump thanks to the presence of the
“Drain Safe Device” which, with the pump off, provides additional drainage
by gravity.
Noise level at 1 m in compliance with standard EN ISO 3744 (measurement LNE on
pump in water only, not installed) 22 dBA
Noise level in application at 1 m: (Measurement only on a pump
in water at the Sauermann sound laboratory) < 25 dBA
Measured levels ON: 18mm, OFF: 13mm, AL: 21mm
NC 8 A resistive – 250 V alarm contact
Trip switch (overheating) 115°C (automatic reset)
Operating cycle 100%: Continuous cycle
Protection IPX4
CE and EAC safety standards
Compliant with RoHS directive and RAEE directive

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