Pompa a pistone SI-30 per clima < 20Kw (En)

One single pump for all air conditioners up to 20 kW.
Patented Sauermann technology, conceived specifically for draining
the condensate produced by air conditioning systems.
Noise levels unheard of until now, less than 20 dBA regardless
of the volume of condensation to be drained.
Air conditioners up to 20 kW
Double insulation class
Operating conditions 100%
Protection IP20
NC 8 A resistive – 250 V safety switch
Measuring block holding system
Trip switch (overheating) 115°C (automatic reset)
Noise level at 1 m compliant with EN ISO3744 <= 20 a 1 m <= 27
Pumps 66 mm 43.5 mm 60 mm
Measuring block 55 mm 38 mm 37.5 mm
CE safety standards
Compliant with RoHS directive and RAEE directive

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