Pompa a pistone SI-60 (En)

Suitable for all air conditioners up to 20 kW, the Si-60 is a pump with
a tank (0.37 l), which uses the new Sauermann technology designed
specifically for draining condensation.
Thanks to its linear design and significant manageability, the pump is
easy to adapt to several types of installation thanks to its
small size.
Air conditioners up to 20 kW: Consoles /fan coils, column
air conditioners, multi-boxes intake, Ducted
“Sauermann inside” new patented piston technology.
– High flow rate: suitable for all air conditioners up to 20 kW.
– High delivery head height: up to 10 m vertical.
– Resistant in any type of environment: It can discharge small particles
– Proven reliability. Anti-blocking detection system
– IP X4 protection on mechanical and electric parts.
– Robust, clog-proof float
– Versatile installation
– Compact shape.
– Aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design. Condensate inlet from above,
from the side or installation directly in the condensate collection
– Easily removable tank to facilitate maintenance
– Electrical socket with quick connection and locking key to prevent
accidental disconnections Low noise
– Energy saving, thanks to its high flow rate, the operating times
are shorter and consumption of electricity is reduced
Noise level in application at 1 m: (Measurement performed in the Sauermann
acoustic laboratory with pump in water) £ 38 dBA
Insulation class (double insulation)
Measured levels ON: 28 mm, OFF: 24 mm AL: 35 mm
NC 4 A resistive – 250 V safety contact
Trip switch (overheating ) 115°C (automatic reset)
Operating cycle 100% continuous cycle
Protection IPX4
CE and EAC safety standards
Compliant with RoHS directive and RAEE directive

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