Pompa per condizionatori SI-33 (En)

The Si-33 pump’s high performance (30 l/h) make it suitable for
air conditioners rated between 20 kW and 30 kW. The patented piston in the
Si-33 was conceived specifically for draining condensate from
air conditioning systems in all types of environments.

All air conditioners rated between 20 and 30 kW:
– Wall-mounted air conditioners
– Ceiling-mounted units
– Ducted systems and fan coil units

– Sauermann inside: piston with new patented technology
– High performance: pump suitable for air conditioners rated between 20 and 30 kW.
– Resistant to environmental polluting agents, it is also capable of discharging
small particles conveyed by the air.
– Maximum reliability.
– The pre-installed “Drain Safe Device” guarantees optimum operation
of the pump and prolongs its life.
– Silent operation: 34 dBA, tested in an independent laboratory.
– New fastening plate designed to reduce the vibrations transmitted
to the wall or to the fastening panel.
Easy to install anywhere
– Compact structure
– New fastening plate which allows installation on the wall, on
pipes, or suspended.
– Something new! Electrical socket with quick connection and locking key
to prevent accidental disconnection
– Energy saving, thanks to its high flow rate, the operating time
is reduced and consequently also the energy consumption.

Noise level at 1 m in compliance with standard EN ISO 3744 (Measurement LNE on
pump in water only, not installed) 34 dBA
Noise level in application at 1 m: (Measurement performed in the Sauermann
acoustic laboratory with pump in water) 36 dBA
Insulation class (double insulation)
Measured levels ON: 16mm, OFF: 11mm, AL: 19 mm Alarm contact
NC 8 A resistive – 250 V
Overheating trip switch 115°C (automatic reset)
Intermittent operating cycle 50%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Insulation class IP20
CE and EAC safety standards
Compliant with RoHS directive and RAEE directive

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