PL series one-wire pendant pushbutton panel

General Characteristics:

The “PL” pushbutton station is the result of a careful examination of the operator’s needs with the following characteristics: adequate spaces for rapid cabling

– possibility of operating calmly with a truly ergonomic button panel that is light and easy to use – versatile composition – each button panel has a new concept emergency button compliant with EN 418 standards fitted with a snap-open device that does not allow the stop function to be started before the panel is in the blocked position. Case made of VO class self-extinguishing shock absorbing material with double insulation, the standard contact components are supplied with 1 NO contact for movement and 1 NC contact for emergencies.

PL push button stations are built according to Community Directives 73/23 CEE 93/68 CEE.

Technical data:

  • protection IP 65
  • operating temperature -25°C +70°C
  • rated insulation voltage 600 V.
  • rated current 10 A.

N.B.: “PL” series pushbutton stations can also be supplied with two-speed contacts.

Push button station models: 3310802, 3310804, 3310806, 3310810

Packs: single items.

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