Protection unit for PTCs

The PTC protection unit provides protection against all the causes of malfunctions in electrical devices.
The protection unit consists of a set of PTC thermistors and relays, the unit is not triggered until the trigger temperature is reached. 
The set of thermistors is connected to the terminals of the relays, when the temperature of the device exceeds the maximum limit allowed the relays open, when the temperature drops below the safety levels the relays reset. 


Power supply voltage: 110-230-380-415-Vac 21-24-220 Vdc 50 Hz.

Output contacts: 1 NA    2 NC

Inputs: Max 9 PTC

Ambient temperature: – 5°C + 55°C

Life cycle: 1 million cycles



All types of sensors (PT1000 – PT100- RTD – BTD) can be supplied to meet any need


State the power supply voltage when ordering


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