Axial tower with UNEL-MEC 4 Pole ring

Series ROOF-CM

This series is designed for roof installation, for ducted and direct extraction, from civil, commercial and industrial buildings, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, industrial buildings, machine rooms, etc.

The series consists of 7 sizes with impeller diameter from 310 to 710 mm, with 4, 6 and 8 pole motors.

The ROOF-CM have an impeller with backward blades and exceptional specific fan power which provides excellent throughput, high pressure differences and low noise levels. The specially developed design of the square section vent gives the tower particularly pleasant aesthetics, blending easily into every architectural setting and at the same time ensuring correct cooling of the motor. The steel wire guard mesh offers less resistance to the air compared to the meshes normally used and efficient self-cleaning. The electric motor is constructed in accordance with international standards guaranteeing reliability and strength in addition to easy repair and replacement.


  • High performance, backward blade impeller in galvanised plating
  • Balanced in accordance with UNI – ISO 1940
  • Anchoring base, with inlet. in steel plating protected against the weather
  • External steel wire mesh guard with weather protection
  • Cap in engineering plastic
  • Alternating current electric motor, asynchronous three-phase or single-phase, separated from the flow of air conveyed. IP55 protection, class H insulation, S1 service, construction conforms to IEC / EEC / UNEL MEC specifications
  • Arrangement 5; directly coupled to the projecting impeller


  • Air conveyed: clean or slightly dusty
  • – Temperature of air conveyed: -20°C / +80°C
  • Power voltage in three-phase version (T): 400V – 50Hz
  • Power voltage in single-phase version (M): 230V – 50Hz
  • Works only as an extractor

NB: For technical drawings, specifications and accessories of the centrifugal towers see the attachments.

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