Extractor for HIGH temp. ROSENBERG®


These ventilating boxes are designed to handle low or medium flow rates, and can be used wherever dirty air, saturated with grease or fluids heated up to 100°C has to be extracted. Typical fields of use include canteens and industrial kitchens.


The operating temperatures of the fan may not exceed 100°C at the rated voltage, the direction of rotation is normally left (seen from the suction side) finally the conveyors are incorporated into the casing.


For any information on the operating curves, flow rate diagrams and dimensional diagrams of the fans ask our technical-sales department or send an email to ventilazione@faet.it. Using a special calculation program the most suitable extractor for your needs will be chosen and you will be sent your customised technical info sheet.


The double clad guard is made of painted galvanised steel plating, lined on the inside with condensate-resistant, fireproof, and soundproof rock wool. The ventilation unit allows extremely simple access to all the components, guaranteeing quick, efficient cleaning of all parts of the ventilation unit. The motors are Rosenberg external rotor type with protection level IP54.


(*) with clear discharge

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