Electric brakes -

The main features of the K series electromagnetic direct current brake are: extremely strong structure; maximum noiselessness hen activated and during operation, economy thanks to the simple assembly of the brake unit, good heat dissipation by the motor fan and cover, the coil of the electromagnet is completely cemented with epoxy resin and the mechanical parts are protected from tropicalised galvanic treatment, the insulation is in class “F”.


The brake is designed to ensure intrinsic safety when at rest and by means of the torque springs. When the electromagnet is activated the anchor is attracted to it, applying pressure to the torque springs. This allows the disc, coupled to the mechanical shaft by means of the hub, to rotate freely. If the power should fail, since the magnetic field is not longer available, the torque springs push the anchor against the disc, braking the shaft.

Power supply: via a specific feeder

It is recommended to use S4 feeders if the supply is 380-400V. N2 if the supply is 220-240V

*B.T. = Static braking torque (N.m)

Packs: single pieces

M.B. the “K” series of brakes conforms to the following directives: 89/336 CEE, 92/31 CEE 93/69 CEE.

Available with 24/100V voltage on request.

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