PPI Series


These are suitable for transferring clean liquids containing impurities not exceeding 30µ. The hydraulic components: impeller, scroll, and pump body in brass allow them to be used with emulsions and oily substances, glycols, and liquids in general, provided these are not oxidants for the construction materials. The viscosity must not exceed 3° Engler (21 CST) and the temperature must not exceed 90°. When using thermal oil, the maximum temperature of the fluids may reach 150° C. they are commonly used on:

– Industrial refrigerators

– Water/oil thermostats

They are normally installed on a tank, with a capacity in proportion with the flow rate, at about 3-4 cm from the bottom. It is important to check that the maximum level of the liquid in the tank always stays 3 – 4 cm lower than the support flange.

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