Pompa Centrifuga SI-82 (En)

The Si-82 pump is conceived to be installed easily in various
environmental conditions. With a flow rate of 500 l/h, the Si-82 is suitable
for conditioning and cooling units. With its robust construction,
the Si-82 can withstand dirty condensates at high temperatures and acids
(pH>2.5) produced by condensation gas boilers.

Column air conditioners, Multi cassette intake, Channelled units, Condensation
boilers, High efficiency gas boilers, refrigerated display cases,

– High performance:
It can discharge condensation up to a height of 5 m
Up to 500 l/h, for brief periods of operation
Low noise level – silent operation
– Versatile installation. The pump can be installed on the ground, on a wall
or suspended from the ceiling.
– Flexible drip tray easily removable and reversible pump for
installation on the right or left of the unit so that the
side on which the condensate comes out can be chosen.
– Simple electrical connections
New “plug-in” type socket to facilitate installation and maintenance.
– Simple plumbing connections
– New ¼ turn check valve, designed to facilitate
the connection of PVC pipes with int. diameter of 10 mm (3/8”)
– 4 condensation entry holes Ø 30 mm (1”-3/16)
– High resistance:
Float resistant to acids and fuel residue
Shockproof mechanical structure

Noise level at 1m: ≤ 45 dBA (Measured in a Sauerman acoustic laboratory
with pump in water)
Measured levels On : 53 mm, Off: 42mm, Alarms : 64mm
NC 4 A resistive – 250 V alarm contact
Maximum condensation temperature 65 °C, 80 °C for brief periods
Maximum acidity of condensate pH> 2.5 (gas condensing boilers)
Trip switch (overheating) 105 °C (automatic reset)
Operating cycle 30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Protection IP20
CE and EAC safety standards
Compliant with RoHS directive and RAEE directive

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