KR series

This range of limit switches find application in all those situations where the rpm of the rotating parts must be controlled.

Common examples are cable winding drums of cranes and works equipment in general.

A fundamental feature of these limit switches is the “continuous” micrometric regulation that makes calibration extremely simple and precise.

Technical data:
Diecast aluminium body, cover in self-extinguishing thermoplastic material.

Cam holder hub in ABS with core entirely in brass on two ball bearings.

Steel endless screws mounted on two bearings.

Helicoidal wheel in nylon reinforced with glass.

Rapid opening switches, capacity, capacity 10A 380V.

Standard rated ratios: 1:12 – 1:33 – 1:50 – 1:100 – 1:200.

Grade of protection: IP65.

Temperatures allowed from -20 to +70°C

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