Three different machines allow us to perform slot insulations to measure with all our flexible laminated insulating materials, responding to most of our customers’ requests.

We can carry out work with a minimum development of 22 mm and a maximum of 2,000 mm – minimum length 6 mm, maximum 75 mm – minimum edges 2 mm, maximum 8 mm.

The UL Repackaged recognized components certification allows us to maintain the UL certification of the product even after carrying out the customer’s required processing.



“Repackaged recognized components”
Service TEOU2.E356173 – TEOU8.E356173
Cutting to size of bordered material and incision of the back to form slot insulation
channel bottoms measuring from 20 to 65 mm
pack width from 30 to 440 mm
border from 3 to 6 mm
pre-shaped and insulating in edged tape measuring 30 to 250 mm and with a 3 to 6mm border