Metallic capacitors with bolt 425V.

The dielectric is in polypropylene film, the armatures are made up of a very thin metal deposit obtained by evaporation in a vacuum. The capacitor is completely free of risks of leaks. The casings are metal, the covers are made of self-extinguishing plastic (class V2 according to the UL-94 standard). Closing of the condenser is done by edging the casing on the cover, which guarantees a perfectly airtight seal. The use of an insulating container located between the capacitative element and the metal casing, along with securing of the capacitative element in resin, make the capacitor extremely safe from and electrical point of view (insulation to earth) and makes it insensitive to vibrations. These capacitors are fitted with a protective device against the danger of fire that conforms to the EN60252-1 (safety protection class P2) and UL810 standards. The protective device was tested according to UL810 with a fault current of 5A to 10,000 A. The capacitors are also certified according to the CSA 22.2 N. 190-M1985 standards.


Technical Characteristics:

Capacity tolerance: ± 5%
Working frequency: 50/60 Hz
Conforms to the RoHS directive
Cladding: Casing in aluminium with cover in self-extinguishing plastic according to UL94: self-extinguishing level V2, Faston 6,3 mm double
Bolt M8 up to Ø 50, as well as bolt Ø M12