This motor protector is a miniaturized device designed using technologies known to protect against overheating of small motors, transformers, solenoids, etc. Silver contacts are used, and the circuit is normally closed. The bimetal disc is sensitive to the heat transmitted to it by the windings. When the disc temperature reaches the predetermined set point, the disc trips, thereby interrupting the electricity supply circuit.

Standard operating temperature range from 70°C to 160°C in 5K steps

Tolerance on open temperature +/- 10K

Capacity 7A (2A) – 250Vac (3000 cycles)

ENEC 2014531.06 – EN60730-2-9

ENEC 2014531.06 – EN60730-2-2

Sensata Technologies

Approved in terms of UL American standards
YZFW2.E15962 – YFZW8.E15962