Protective insulating enamels

SYNTHITE ER-41 (Cod.: 0819600 – 0819601 – 0819605)
SYNTHITE EB-41 (Cod.: 0819701 – 0819705)


  1. Very quick air drying.
  2. Exceptional resistance to chemical agents.
  3. Impermeable to oil and water.
  4. Hard, smooth, fil, resistant to abrasion.
  5. Excellent adhesion

ER-41 and EB-41 enamels dry quickly, providing a uniform, glossy surface that is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and provides excellent adhesion to widely varying types of surfaces. It is used as a protective cover for coils in the field, for control, for motor windings, terminals on commutators, collector rings, copper profiles, regulators, control blocks, inside oil tanks, switch supports, porcelain, moulded bakelite, solenoid coils, etc.