Capacitors with Faston

The dielectric is in polypropylene film, the armatures are made up of a very thin metal deposit obtained by evaporation in a vacuum. The casing and cover are made of self-extinguishing plastic, the capacitive element is sealed with polyurethane resin.

The principal characteristics of this series of capacitors are:

  • Anti-induction, low leakage winding
  • Self-regenerating properties that prevent short-circuits
  • Compact size and light weight
  • The capacitor is completely free of risks of liquid leaks
  • Safety class: P0

Conforms to the RoHS directive

Type approvals: EN 60252-1 VDE IMQ ASE CE


Technical Characteristics:
Voltage 450 Volt 50 Hz
Lifespan 3000 h
Capacity tolerance: ± 5%
Working frequency: from 50 to 60 Hz
Protection level: IP00
Plastic casing with double Faston 6,3 connections

ATTENTION: The price of the capacitor does not include the price of the hood that is automatically charged at the time of billing.